In order to take the Module 2 Test and obtain your full motorcycle licence, you’ll first need to complete a Module 1 Test. Whichever test category you are taking, both Module 1 and Module 2 must be taken on the same size machine.

Module 1 is a test of your machine control and is conducted at an off-road site called a ‘motorcycle manoeuvre area’ or MMA for short. With our training you’ll be able to practice on the official DSA site prior to taking the test. Basically, the exercises conducted on the Mod 1 are very similar to the exercises that you will have done on the‘element C’ of your CBT, but under test conditions.

If your practical test is passed on an automatic motorcycle the licence gained will be restricted to automatic bikes only

Official DSA Motorcycle Test: Module 1 Video


Module 2 is a 35-40 minute road ride, which, throughout its duration will incorporate most aspects of road riding you encounter on our roads. Although you will not have to do any set manoeuvres i.e. U-turns and emergency stops, you will be asked to pull in to the kerb a few times to demonstrate your ability to move away safely in a range of different situations. Throughout the duration of your test, the examiner will follow you, giving you clear instructions regarding direction. There will be a 5-10 minute section of ‘independent riding’ where the examiner will not give directions, but follow road signs and markings towards a specific destination until told otherwise.

Don’t worry, a thorough briefing will be given prior to this and knowledge of the area isn’t essential. At the end of your test, the examiner will take you into a private room to debrief you and give you your result. If successful, a pass certificate will be issued with immediate effect.

Good Luck!

Official DSA Motorcycle Test: Module 2 Briefing Video

Official DSA Motorcycle Test: Module 2 Safety Questions (3 of 6) Video